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Автор: nekojin anime/music

I think maybe i should be more active on my channel, otherwise i feel empty ( ´∀`)☆

And there's someone uploaded this music before , But still i post it cause it's really good and i love it !

Gonna upload more music my favorite (=゜ω゜)

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Комментарии к видео - Majestic Melody 🎧 Paradise 🎧TRANCE MUSIC

Nyame Music Videos
I love how fun the instrumental is! but the picture doesn't match up I feel like it should be a picture of someone smiling and someone confused like feelings all mixed up and fun in the same time
Kirito Ku 16
Amazing plz keep it up 😀😀😀
This is beautiful😍🔥Would you check my Video too? Would love your support❤❤
2 cute girls plus a groovy trance sound track on top of it. Try something new every now and then aye? XD
Damn both are cute lol ,, nice job man ❤️
Mây Hoa Cỏ
I like so much😘😘
Make more perfect videos you😍😍😍😍
mundo animeTM
MIKE Music And Game
Good job≧ω≦
True Resident Evil fan base
Awesome video buddy you did a good job. 😄👍👍👍👍👍
Seanster 2.5
Super sweet job, bff
Shadow AMV陰影
So cooooooool big like hope you see my last video
Lucifer Night
Wow it was Awesome ❤
AMV Lover
Good one
Princess Minako Mino Mayuki Uchiha
Like 9. Very nice~👍
HimariNC | Music Forever
0:00-2:23 Just Lovely
/ Riruaチャンりる。
Soo, beautiful track and video!! (^ー^) neko chan♪
Love This☆ミ☆ミ
Bijuu fox
So damn cool love it very much