Смотреть бесплатно онлайн клип - Warframe Soundtrack - Your decisions make You (Extended, all different choices)

Автор: Maskrap

Warframe music from Mountain Pass with all choices. Ending soundtrack of The War Within quest.

All rights reserved by Digital Extremes.

Рубрика: Компьютерные игры

Продолжительность: 5:55

Рейтинг: 372

Количество просмотров: 15965

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Комментарии к видео - Warframe Soundtrack - Your decisions make You (Extended, all different choices)

can i get the wallpaper link but without the logo??
JusTKeat ™
2:33 Damn. Teshin words at the end of this quest just make my whole heart fall apart. "I believe them both tenno! Perhaps this kuva is just a symbol. That what you choose to do, will define you more than anything."
Chris Trevino
Honestly the second dream and the war within are the best stories I have ever played,and this is coming from a ftp game better than most games that sell more than 60,and hell the story isn't even finished!no where close!
Илья Фролов
Самая лучшая музыка в этой игре.Может Война внутри не затмила Второй сон, но объединила его в себе.
DamiZ G2Acom
Warframe Is The Best Game In The World.
DKane Raikeran
how did you create the thumbnail? awesome work!
Marin Ciprijan
Can you please link me that beautiful picture that's on while the music plays, I need that as a wallpaper.
echo star
I'm new to making videos and would appreciate your time viewing my newest creation
This is the music that plays during the captura mode
Daniel Zagora
Perfect! Been hoping someone notices each choice ends with different music and puts them all into one finalized version. I quite like how you linked them together.
Personally, I think the Eclipse (control) choice has the best finish.
Bogdan Saint
Выпуска видео почаще)))
Я искал этот трэк всю свою жизнь)