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Автор: PazyPlayz

A remix of the soundtrack used at EA's E3 Anthem Showcase in 2018.

- PLEASE NOTE- 2018 footage was changed as EA copyrighted it :(

Song- Muse Uprising (Ambient Electro Remix)

Рубрика: Компьютерные игры

Продолжительность: 3:46

Рейтинг: 432

Количество просмотров: 17392

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Комментарии к видео - Anthem / Muse / Uprising / E3 Trailer Music 2018

Fergus Brown
Look at the virgins
Cooper Donahue
Can’t find this remixed song on any music app
Jefferson Del Rosario
Would be cool if muse with cyberpunk 2077. Theyre more inline
yazid zulkiflee
Yesss... MUSE songs...
potato da
At least credit the original properly :(

The music is Muse Uprising (Ambient Electro Remix)
Jaja uprising
Nikolay Nikolaev
What us the song name and who is the artist
Sarolta Schmidt
Seddik Aizen
Damn son,thanks
Ike U
This was a good song choice considering all the SJW shit Bioware has had to deal with.
Sam Jones
Kim could use the XP
Your remix is good, but I’m still looking for the one on the trailer
Jean-Marc Labelle
This is soooo good :) I like the one from E3 too but this is pretty good cause it has all the lyrics. Thanks for the upload ! Greatly appreciated and it's good that muse was featured at E3. One of my favorite bands ever ! Saw them live in Ottawa last summer and they threw a great show
Great remix and it brings that action feeling. I really don’t care if it was click bait because this made up for it.
So ShAdy
They......will...not...con...trollllllll..us! We......will......be...VIC...TORRRRRIOUS!
Sounds like a remix by Mike Shinoda, lol.
14 year old gamer Person
Good remix, but it’s still clickbait
Dontae Jones
Don't really appreciate the clickbait but this remix is pretty chill.
Chloe Lee Price