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Автор: Cryo Chamber

Dark Music of Gothic Castles and Fallen Lords in this mix compiled by Atrium Carceri for Cryo Chamber.

"While playing in a multitude of roleplaying settings, from Planescape, Ravenloft to Forgotten Realms and Dark Sun I always responded to the idea of fallen empires with excitement. There is something about the passage of time, and the exploration of the past that is fascinating. To uncover relics forgotten, to awaken slumbering gods, or loot golden coins with stamps in undecipherable languages. I created this mix with fallen empires in mind, join me in it's twists and turns and let the atmosphere coat your sensory organs for a little while, perhaps in your minds eye they will reveal themselves - Simon/Atrium Carceri"

00:00 Ager Sonus - Well of Knowledge

08:07 Metatron Omega - Eshaton

13:00 Ager Sonus - Beneath

20:52 Atrium Carceri - The Void

25:26 Ager Sonus - Iniation

31:55 Dronny Darko - Geist

36:52 Metatron Omega - Sanctum

43:55 Enmarta - Temple of Abandon

51:23 Dead Melodies - Lonesome Halls of Ruin

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Продолжительность: 54:16

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Комментарии к видео - Dark Music of Gothic Castles and Fallen Lords

Rolf Sonofashepherd
I absolutely love your channel. Makes for great reading music.
I am a transcriptionist and I love typing with this in the background!  The shriek at 31:50 scared me and had me giggling in my office chair; more wide awake than anyone else in the room!  More reasons why I  listen to Cryo Chamber on a daily basis.  I listen to the LIVE while I'm studying.  Thank you , thank you, THANK YOU!! <3 <3 <3
God li... sorry I meant Satan like >:)
Angela Em
Darkness can be beautiful even in the most forgotten places. Castles that crumble down and Lords with power no more can be terrible...but still beautiful. And then we can all appreciate the light and shadows more and more. Thank you for such a wonderful dark music journey🙏🏻👤💗🔮🎶
Debbie Athy
Love this channel so glad I subscribed to it it’s so up my alley way with the creepy horror music that I love to zone out to before I actually wake up in the morning while I eat my breakfast probably have to do with my love for old school metal music that I still love being 47 years old now and I always have been into different things from the rest of my family . But that’s me in a. Nutshell and my boyfriend doesn’t care as
Well he doesn’t care I’m Into weird shit as well considering he smokes medical weed for his back pain doesn’t bother me love my horror music allways will
Thanks for this. As a wannabe writer this is giving me all kinds of inspiration.
The Geek Monster
33:40 Someone hold me, I'm scared.
The Geek Monster
Love this.
Alright no one’s going to talk about~32:00 unexpected af
Darkobert Dub
wow this is the fucking best channel on youtube !!! i love you !
Josh Powers
Is this mix available on Spotify?
Torre de Belém
I am Dream
I always sanctify myself in oils and incense before playing this music with my lover to "set the tone" as it were. I slide my glistening, slippery, slick and salacious body all around the floor in a manner reminiscent of epilepsy. The seductive technique, paired with this scrumptious music works like a charm. It always makes for a... salubrious evening.
Gothic Dragon warrior Queen
By Odin's beard this is good stuff. Thanks so much!
31:52 sounds a bit like the beginning of Sui Generis Umbra's "Amok" album.
I Have Terrible Rolls
Definitely using some of these next time I run Curse of Strahd
There were images of nothingness, of a sublime something, and an ominous everything.
31:50 Damn that had me frightened!
Gothic castles, fallen lords, old stories buried in dust and weathered tapestry, centuries of love and loss and power and blood soaked into the stones. IDK how you decided to create such a perfect ambient mix for me, but thank you.