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Автор: HighFocusTV

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Brought to the attention of High Focus Records through his stellar production work with long time collaborator, and our newest signing, Coops; Talos has been creating a name for himself with his signature smoothed out sound for quite some time now, his dusty sound can be found all over the recently released 'No brainer' and Coops' earlier critically acclaimed material 'Lost Soul' & 'God Complex'. Enter ’Lowlight’ EP, Talos’ first solo release on High Focus, and as you can imagine, it is as cool as can be; a record made in the late Summer inspired by the long nights and dreamy sunsets of the season. To bring things to the next level, Talos has brought in some of the brightest young talents London has to offer, from Jazz (Nubya Garcia), Hip Hop (Coops) & R’n’B (Jerome Thomas & Poppy Ajudha) scenes all adding their distinct dulcet tones to this smooth and sophisticated body of work. Relaxed, mellow, dusty - the perfect accompaniment to these long summer evenings, especially to those orange/pink skies. Enjoy!

Filmed and edited by Ross Henbest

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Комментарии к видео - Talos - Lowlight Jazz Feat. Nubya Garcia (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Ken F
Talos got some fine ass beats 🔥
Hood vvitch
This is everything 🙏🙏🙏
Shizzlemyniz Nizza
She say on point with these Vocals,
Speaking for the anti-socials
Where im from we Call them local,
Kris Nuttall
sun ra nuff said
Mark Emery
Great cut... really like the sound. Normally I really like reading the comments.... but I can’t understand them here. Too many of the folk adding public comment don’t have a grasp on the English language.
Maël Brodeur
Damn talos... You are the god of oldschool beats
Scott Taylor
Lebesh Ahmed
More of this please, magic beat and jazz combo.
Pedro Adrian
That jazz. Keep going bro sounds really good
Omar Stefano Mori Alegria
Mierda relajante.
FUck m8's, i really wish more instrumental tracks like this.
Josh Chapman
This has got a really nice nujabes vibe to it. Good on you for doing that talos.
Holy fucking shit boys !. This is lush as fuck , the dub bass is killer. Proper well thought out chill beast. Big ups.
More love!
R E S P E C T F R O M M E X I C O D O P E ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Diggis MC
Super nice tune!! thanks fam, i appreciate the vibes! keep 'em coming!!
Definitely feeling this. Love from Minneapolis.
sOfficial yo!
hf is this an instrumental only ffs lol
Jacob .Russell
I wanna hear Scissor tongue on this