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Автор: Craft of Ambience

Winds howling through old ruins. The faint scream of a lone scavenger. The nameless hero is on his lonely hunt for wolf skins and healing herbs again.


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Gothic 2 - Lobard’s Farm
Gothic 2 - New World
Gothic 3 - Vista Point

Composed by Kai Rosenkranz

Рубрика: Компьютерные игры

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Комментарии к видео - Best of Nature & Exploration | Gothic 2 & 3 | Music + Ambience

Feels like a return to childhood, I forgot how relaxing ambience Gothic has. Love this combination of nature, music and scavenger's cry from far. I already listen to soundtracks from games while working, so this is perfect video for me. Thank you!

Small nitpick - title says Gothic 1 & 2, but video uses music from 2 & 3. Not a big deal, just wanted to point out.
Gothic is one of the first games I ever knew. Before I even had any consoles I watched my dad play it. Playing it myself when I was older was just amazing. Thanks for taking me back <3
I love it :)
- Fantastik -
well fucking done
I love the idea of your channel !! :)
Untitled Burial
I'm playing this game since 2003 and I have no words to say how much I love Gothic and in-game soundtrack. I found your mix accidentaly while I was listening to another Gothic OST. And now I will listen only to your mixes for sure. You did great job on mixing and visuals, keep it up.
Paragliding Podlasie
m juhawz
Pure perfection, Kai Rosenkranz is a genious composer. Thx for the abience os its cool af.
Der Querkopf
A dream of a video... ♥♥♥ The best is the screaming Scavenger in the background.^^
This deserve much more views.
Rafał K
Gothic is one of my favourite games from childhood. Thank you for that.
Awesome :3
These are great when hosting Table Top RPG sessions! Thank you very much for this!
Nice! Thanks!
Childhood Tale
The Lizard Man
Geil alter
Diese Scavenger...hach...
Ich freue mich schon rieseig auf das Nordmar-Stück, so eines kommt doch hoffentlich?
Thanks for this.
Beautiful :)
Dave Shaw
Love your work seriously, can you make more videos like this? whit Risen OST or something like this