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Автор: Craft of Ambience

Winds howling through old ruins. The faint scream of a lone scavenger. The nameless hero is on his lonely hunt for wolf skins and healing herbs again.


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Gothic 2 - Lobard’s Farm
Gothic 2 - New World
Gothic 3 - Vista Point

Composed by Kai Rosenkranz

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Комментарии к видео - Best of Nature & Exploration | Gothic 2 & 3 | Music + Ambience

Operator Koparki
Tea and Biscuits
Never played Gothic but have tried out Risen and Elex. Decent games. But this music sounds so mysterious and secretive - love it, makes me think of the 1985 movie Legend.
Great idea of a channel.
Keep creating mixs like this.
Najpierw ta muzyka a potem ten Ścierwojad XD FATALITY
This atmosphere combined with this excellent music you cant find in skyrim.
Maharene Svanstrom
I come back for the chicken.
Nur Farhana
Man, the hours I wasted my youth lost in the worlds of Gothic 1, 2 and even 3.
...and i regretted not a second! Hell, I relived them if I could!
Klaus Staufenberg
What's the one roughly starting at 4:00 ? This one brings tears to my eyes with its tender beauty
JC Stelu
That moment when you realize you ate your King's Sorrel to restore a huge amount of 5 HP, because you were saving potions for later on. :)
keep it up, man. That's sooooooo gooood/) Much love brother
All of your Videos are absolutely godlike
Good job mate! U're my hero. You've just make me more focused while game programming. Thanks a lot. Greetings from Poland.
Taking glitches and bugs aside: gothic 3 still had the charm of the series, the music, locations like waterfall by Silden, peaks and huge cracks of Nordmar or endless sandy wastes of Varant. Shame the game had ended up like this, because it could've been so much more if JoWood didnt rush PB to push the game out ASAP. I still recall getting this game for X-mas when i was 11, and being confused AF as to why can't I kill the orcs past the intro battle for Ardea, ahh.. those were times.. ;)
Jan Elstner
Gothic II is masterpiece, my fav game of all time
Snoop Dogg
Mein lieblingsspiel... damals war alles schöner
Joe Black
wundervoll abgemischt aber den verdammten scavenger hast du zu oft eingebaut^^.
ich hab ohne zu übertreiben mehrere tausend stunden in den spielen (die richtigen) verbracht und hab daher ein kleines ptsd problem was die laute der ganzen viecher angeht...
alle paar sekunden zuckt mir die hand richtung tastatur um nach dem bogen zu greifen xD
diese erinnerungen...
nacht des raben +mienental = zorn, angst, mehr zorn und dann... spruchrolle feuerregen 60 lernpunkte und ein freudenschrei der mitten in der nacht durchs ganze haus hallt.
danke fürs zusammen bauen, bin aus reinem zufall drüber gestolpert
screw you, now I have to replay g2
Georgian C
i love this goldie game => for no fucking reason => i just fucking love it => dont ask me why