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Автор: Craft of Ambience

Winds howling through old ruins. The faint scream of a lone scavenger. The nameless hero is on his lonely hunt for wolf skins and healing herbs again.


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Gothic 2 - Lobard’s Farm
Gothic 2 - New World
Gothic 3 - Vista Point

Composed by Kai Rosenkranz

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For the love of god, please make some more vids like these.
I'm finally starting to really appreciate the first installment of the Gothic series. The concept initially lacks any kind of grand destiny or heroic quest, it all begins as a simple day in a rather simple world. There are no greater forces urging to act and it really is hard for me to place myself into this initial state. Playing the later games first make me behave like a demigod in Gothic 1, though in reality it is best played when you are not.
Farkas LIVE Games
Very beautiful very good 😍❤️☺️☺️ thanks
Farkas LIVE Games
Very beautiful very good 😍❤️☺️☺️ thanks
Farkas LIVE Games
Very beautiful very good 😍❤️☺️☺️ thanks
16:12 Ich hab hier ein paar Rüben für dich!
12:40 Was ist eigentlich mit Lester? Der wollte doch Verstärkung holen!
I play Gothic I & II pretty much every year ever since it came out. now with mods. the two best games ever made and nothing even comes close.
Evil One
Oh man, such nostalgy ... After exams I'll play all of them once more for sure. Thx a lot for all yours videos ^^
Gothic 2 had the most atmosphere of just about any other free roam RPG I've played in modern times. The music was beautiful, the visuals gorgeous, the freedom practically unlimited. I'm sure I could pick it up again today and still find something new, be that a tiny nook with some herbs I never found before or a full cave ready to be explored. They really made sure to give us enough content for many years.. and I love them for it. Gothic 3 was gorgeous in its own right, but too simple fighting mechanics really did the game in. Still, I enjoyed hundreds of hours of game time.

With the Gothic franchise back in the hands of its original creators, I wonder if they'll do a Doom comeback.
Christian Schob
I cri evrytiem!
Liselotte Pumeluff
We Need a new original Gothic Sequel! <3
Bryan Arias
Its a complete shame that this game fall into oblivion, It was a really good game. I wish someday there's a sequel of Gothic. :(
Toola Roola
Gothic II is still my favorite RPG game. This video brings me back in my childhood when I played this masterpiece for the first time.
Operator Koparki
Great idea of a channel.
Keep creating mixs like this.
Najpierw ta muzyka a potem ten Ścierwojad XD FATALITY
This atmosphere combined with this excellent music you cant find in skyrim.
I come back for the chicken.