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Check out some clips from a recent interview with BaddaSkat conducted by Brenden McGinley.

Check out Brendan's article on the Reggae Rise Up 2018 Festival - https://www.cltampa.com/music/local/article/20999470/oneness-at-reggae-rise-up

Badda Skat - https://www.instagram.com/baddaskat/

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Positive Vibe Media
Nice Interview 👍🏽
Mr Celtic Reggae
EastCoastReggae.com I just subscribed excellent interview I'm an Irish lad living in London i lived in jamaica for a few years with work and fell in love with reggae, I am a musician so I started mixing Irish music and reggae, my first video went up on YouTube 4 weeks ago Mr Celtic Reggae raglan road youtube. I really would love it if you done an interview with me, even if you subscribed for your viewer that would be great , honestly I hope you like the sound and subscribe as what your doing is so cool god bless ☘