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Автор: 3DMN

Could this be the first true worthy contender to the CR-10S?

More Info on the Alfawise U20: http://geni.us/AlfawiseU20
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Комментарии к видео - The $299 Alfawise U20 Large Format 3D Printer - Live Assembly and Test

Just got a u20 myself. Do you have your gcode posted anywhere (or any help with settings would be appreciated). Thank you.
Another YouTuber has uploaded this video under their account (Galina Artyushina). I doubt that they have your permission to do so.
Between the cr10, tevo tornado, and alfawise u20, which would you choose from a quality of prints standpoint?
Lego Lee
Official community group.
Bucanero Almería
Hello everyone, I just bought an Alfawise U20, but the SD card is damaged and I can not access its content, could you share with me the contents of the SD?
Fernando Gazzola
Will be awesome if you show and talk about resins to Kudo3d Bean, cause lot’s of people will need to buy it soon. Have you tested all those 5 that you got?
Isaac Lyons
Please make a video showing how to remove the salmon skin effect on this printer. It would be very helpful👍
Hi, Joe! This time I missed the livestream, but I'm watching the recording (at 2h:10 at the moment…) As you said, great print for "just out-of-box and printing" 😀👍. Quick tip for your map splitting problem: try Devon Montes' (Make Anything) video about 3D printing your own puzzles: youtu.be/VdI1NXhAyRo - he's drawing his own complicated puzzle cut lines, but the basic principle stays the same for hexagons, too… and if I remember correctly, all done in Fusion 360 (it's been a while… 😁) - this should get you set…
Stefan Weber
Open source gpl?
Kevin Thomas
Missed another one but glad I can catch up - Well done Joe!
hay there
Richard Boyce
always enjoy your live streams. well done.