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Camila Cabello, Daddy Yankee - Havana Remix (Lyrics)
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Camila Cabello, Daddy Yankee - Havana (Lyrics) (Remix)

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Комментарии к видео - Camila Cabello, Daddy Yankee - Havana (Lyrics) (Remix)

Unique Vibes
Comment your country :)
Anyone actually from Havana ?
Nitro Yt
Cuba havana
Logan Paul vlogs
I am from Mexico and Mexico is the best place
Mandi Edwards
i love havanna ------____------
Yiğit aga
Best music
Izzy Stewart
I know the words and I'm not even Spanish
Rosario Ayala
I'm from Cuba and Havana
Veena Eiznekcam
I rly wanna sing this in Spanish but I have a hard time cos speak tamil, can anyone help and make a lyrics that teach the right pronunciation of the words? :3
Hello hola how are you como estas XD
amia jackson
i like this version than the the english but i dont speak spanish soooooooo
blackbear_ abby
The intro is the same as "Same old love"~ Selana gomez😱😱😱😱
Dottie Cake and Kitty
I was thinking of singing this in meh talent show but, I might skip some of the rap... its too fast. or maybe if a practice enough, I can do it, like this comment if you think I can!!!
Dottie Cake and Kitty
Im half American,dominican,puertorican and irish!
bettas forever
im cuba but in 5 yrs old i go to america
jonas hinsdale
Isabella Vazquez
yanet Cardenas
Woooooo!! Daddy yankee you killing it😍😍😎😅😵✌
Daniel Ballesteros
I am from Colombia🇨🇴
1:24 oh...um...

What the hell????!!!!!