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🔥 BTS, Steve Aoki - The Truth Untold (Gidexen Remix)
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Продолжительность: 3:54

Рейтинг: 50408

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Комментарии к видео - BTS, Steve Aoki - The Truth Untold (Gidexen Remix)

Trap Nation
Since the last BTS remix did so well, decided it'd be appropriate to have a new one of their single with Steve Aoki up here! Hope you all enjoy and are having an incredible weekend :)
Sanjana bts
i am still crying😭💖
bang chan’s dimples
hshshdggx pardon?!!
Made my day💞💕
SugaFree Hope Sunshine Swaeeeggg
Oh wow I'm totally sobbing here.. This is so perfect--
Nara Rosélyn
PLAY THIS WITH 1.25 speed
This is lit!! Please do ddaeng 🙏
Shyne Navarro
This give me chills
Taehyung's Elephant
This just defines art
Shyne Navarro
Wow this is good! I love it! 💜💜💜
Jeanette vania
shuuut dis is so liiiit. Love smh
Bunny Kookie
the song is bop
Clang Abenoja
I love this
Nasywa Nasywa
so perfecional remix...
Jashan Dhillon
🇮🇳 anyone?
TaehyungggIsLife 1995
Jungkook's wife
I love this remix ❤
Krystal Klear
I was already whipped for the song but I'm so deep into it thanks to you.... It's just fantastic... Like when the beat drops you know you're done for good.... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍