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'Confessions of a Video Vixen' was the final blow to an industry already on its knees.

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Комментарии к видео - A Former Video Model's Tell-All Exposes Hip Hop's Most Shameful Secrets | VIXEN.

Genesis Barnes
Wait ah minute!...Kings Dominion actually has roller coasters! Unless its 86...I think these broads no what type of animal their signing up for! After 2 Live Crew...Broads had no excuses about how some rappers and managers acted!
Matu Kihato
Patriarchy doesnt exist in america.
ScottySwan Music
James Brooks
I remember this whole thing back in the day coming out! No one knew who this chick was until the name she gave herself "superhead" hit the streets. Yeah she was right about what she was going through, but we all know it was a come up aha didn't change a damn thing, hell look at Cardi on the thotianna remix, the city girls what are they saying for women or about women? How do I explain this mess to my 4yr old daughter in a couple years🤦🏼‍♂️
Kevin Jackson
Steffans talkin about men's filth yet, was sucking men's dicks like they were going out of style! Bottom line is, you did what you did, nobody raped you, you could have quit at any time, you snitched, then exposed everything you did for the sole purpose of making money period!
G Booze
What sucks is what if this is just a gold digger trying to get money. Why isnt this topic ever brought up when its a guy without money? Arent u more concern with justice?

Stories like these ruin it for the true women who dress respectively and respect thier bodies and then still go thru this. U half naked sluts know why yall dressin like that. It dont make it right for anykne to touch u but u arent any better either so u guys are both wrong.
G Booze
I love how ppl hear a story of someone with some type of status/money and swear they know what has happened.

You dont anything so its open to think what u want it dont mean its true
G Booze
So does this automatically mean that she is tellin the truth or just said this to be relevant?
Karen Williams
Karrine is telling the truth, so stop lying, buffy, Melissa, n whomever the other chicks was... U bitches was in the game just as heavy as she was. U hoe's lying trying to cover up the artist n defend urself.. What makes u so different than her?😂😂😂 yall r not real! Yall probably was paid to go against karrine, just like yall was paid to sick dick n do the same type of shit she was doing back in the day.. All yall is just same video hoes trying to make excuses...😂😂😂 PLEASE LIVE IN UR TRUTH!
I read the book years ago. I never felt it labeled all video vixens. That was Karrine’s experience. She never played the victim. She exposed the truth and got paid. If any other vixen is offended, it’s probably because they’re just as guilty.

If it’s not your story. Why be mad.
Anissia Rain
She's bat shit crazy & it SHO'LY shows, BUT, i can't ever and will never knock a woman who turns her mistakes into money. 💰
tiffany bellamy
Why are the other vixens getting mad isn't this what is still going on with the Instagram models there are so many sleeping they way to the top with celebrities and alot now have their kids to get paid so what's the difference
Monica Brown
Is that cousin Faith 😭😂😂😂💀
It's sad to see the mentality of the women defending the men. You can't help anyone stuck in a mentality of self hate requiring no respect. The men they are defending have no respect for them and will turn on them if they go against them. I wonder if they would be ok with this treatment of any if their family members and the men as well. When you know better you do better. In their defense they don't know better yet. Karrine grew out of the rap groupie mentality game and figured out how to make money from her experience and growth.
I remember Gloria, Buffy & Melissa for being in videos, not so much Karrine. I read the book, I watched plenty of interviews on Karrine. One minute she acts like she wrote the book to expose the industry & to help young girls not go down the wrong path. The next interview (depending on how large the platform is) she says she did it to get back at the rappers who humped & dumped her & to make some coins off of it cause they stopped paying her. Which is it? Help or revenge? Pick a side. And no one would have cared who she phucked if she didn't name drop in her book.
Sam Lee
7:37 I'm not gonna say she's wrong, but white, Hispanic, Indian, and Asian women defend their men who do the same exact thing. Don't get it twisted like black men are the scum of the earth around here.
Fe The writer
Karine did her thang with her book,shit a clasic forever...they hating like hell smh lmao #hatersssss
Flo Rida
One thing she is right about though, is black women always defending their man, even if they’re deadbeat dads, cheaters, criminals, physically violent, etc. Black women need to stop doing that and have higher standards.
Damn... Missy Elliot has lost a lot of weight! 4:42
Monique Baskin
Man please they're just mad she cashed in on it... they all fucked for a buck