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Автор: BETNetworks

'Confessions of a Video Vixen' was the final blow to an industry already on its knees.

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Продолжительность: 11:3

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Комментарии к видео - A Former Video Model's Tell-All Exposes Hip Hop's Most Shameful Secrets | VIXEN.

L Lol
If they didnt do anything bad then she wouldnt have anything to talk about
Amekia J
Her strategy was crazy.... I'm not surprised this book was her end game.. This isn't my style, but its hers.. Men do it all the time.. Respect the game if your willing to play..
Yet they pimp this girls out and get a lot of money thanks to video vixen. Expose them just as they talk low about hoes and bitches. Good on her. Shame that this other females talk shit about her.
Did she write her book to educate and help other young women coming up in the industry behind her or did she want to simply make more money?? If she wanted to help and give another female the courage to say No, stop, OR I will Not do that - well good! But, if she did those "acts" with men and made money off of it - but wanted to cry wolf as her opportunities started to fade, well that's the same as the Bill Cosby and other #MeToo cases - they got the part and made money while they were young, but wanted to sue when they aged out. Again, if it helped another female find and develope her own voice - Good. We have to help each other~
So the females are mad because the book makes em look bad and the dudes are mad because they're cheaters and exposed ......oooook then.
When that book came out, I read it and I done seen a lot of rappers different now. It's ok for a dude to say he smashed but she tell and she's called fucked up.
Cierra Miller
This is crazy it’s funny how they said they didn’t know her but she was very well known video vixen . It’s crazy that they try to downgrade her
Erica Davis
ALLLLL these pick me's. 'That ain't my story'. I think they are more pissed she beat them to the chase. The culture was always grimey and sex driven. She just brought it to the light.
Justin Peterson
She wasn't wrong for writing her book because guess what? There was a market of people who wanted to read it.
Sonja Teal
Ten seconds into this video and I was totally DISGUSTED!! VILIFYING her is FOUL! Especially by other Women! "She told her story for profit..." ...What was she supposed to do ...TELL IT FOR FREE!?!
Lila J
Video hoes! We knew they were hoes already. Lol
lol the attention well dried up. so here they are
Lo La
Get money, sis
lorina lancaster
They are mad because she told her story 1st...and profit off it.
Your Majesty Tarotress
They all knew this was going on, but you're mad because she decided to expose the industry while securing the bag? Sounds like they wish they had the Moxy!!!
Johnnie Williams
Seems to me that all she did was flip the game on those misogynistic niggas that used her solely for sex and tossed her to the wind like a paper bag niggas love using women then when one of them retaliates they wanna whine like little girls game recognizes game you fucked her now y'all mad cause she fucked you I say good for her someone needs to put these abusive niggas in their place and what I said it
Briana M
Men exploit women JUST AS MUCH as women allow men to exploit them.
Briana M
If you know a man is married ... WHY TF WOULD YOU GO AFTER HIM. yes the man is wrong but why join that man in his WRONG. this documentary was boring.
Deeta Larry
And that's facts!!...
Deeta Larry
You can't put it fully on her, because at the sametime she messed with these men that were married. They knew they had a wife, they knew that had kid's & a family!... It goes both ways!!.... So they men get a pat on the back & other's is tearing her down!!.. Why because they rich & famous??... Gtfoh!!.... Her & them men wrong too point, blank & period!!...