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Автор: Codex Draggriffe

Dungeon Synth - Инструментальная ситезаторная музыка. - https://dungeonsynth.wikia.com/wiki/Dungeon_Synth_Wiki

Ordo Fantet - Вокальная, Инструментальная, исполненная на живых инструментах, а так же не исключающая синтезированных вкраплений. Так же Фантет бывает мажорным, то есть, веселая музыка. - https://ordo-antet.wikia.com/wiki/Ordo_Fantet_Wiki

DIM (Dungeon Synth) - https://iamdim.bandcamp.com/album/compendium-ii

The Sons Of Aktrot (Ordo Fantet) - https://lovidalf.bandcamp.com/music

The composer and writer of fantasy novels Lovidalf, in a new musical narrative, gives to all lovers of Live action Role-playing game, an idiosyncratic and epic album of the Ordo Fantet genre.

Lovidalf is a medievalist and a huge admirer of role-playing games, as well as a classic historical sword fight. The music in this album is inspired by numerous fantasy universes, through which role-playing games of live action are played.
Also, the album contains motifs of his own book universe Codex Draggriffe.
Music is filled with fabulous opuses in the most varied variations and paradigm of the uncertain oracle of the orchestra, techno, groove and medieval motifs.
All with a holiday and the opening of the season of live role-playing games!

My Bandcamp Fantasy Abode - https://dragoncrocbaystudios.bandcamp.com/

Facebook All Music - https://www.facebook.com/DragoncrocBayStudios/

Music from the video here, full album - https://dragoncrocbaystudios.bandcamp.com/album/larp-cysgodion-y-coed

Lovidalf Ranemmak VI - composer, performer, bass profundo voice, violinist, lute player as well as conductor and innovator of musical fantasy of medieval genre of music Ordo Fantet.

Fantet (Ordo Fantet) is an unusual fairy-tale music that combines a classical symphony orchestra, medieval and early music, as well as deep and depressing drums and percussion.

The word Fantet is a fusion of two words Fantasy - (Fantasy) and Motet - (medieval polyphonic musical genre)
More info on the unusual genre here - ordo-antet.wikia.com/wiki/Ordo_Fantet_Wiki

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