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Автор: Marcus Veltri

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Рубрика: Музыка

Продолжительность: 5:4

Рейтинг: 22905

Количество просмотров: 449352

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Комментарии к видео - Alan Walker - Faded (EPIC Cover)

Marcus Veltri
Beatboxing brings color to music :)
# Gab284
Woaw that was so good man 😍
Tabitha Weaver
Best song
Alejandra Enríquez
I love Alan walker ♥
Lunatic run
supern bro i really like this
Well done but i dont like the voice of her
Oh my god
l l سجاد كيمز55 l lSAJAD GAMS
Fillejox07 åkerblad
Hur gör du det där
- Reed_FX -
Lyrics: Cum out my pussy eat shit where is your ass I need truffle worms up my ass jiggle tits CUM my pussy's wet like the sea, I can't see your cock, I want to punch your clit.
It was good but too depressing i think it should be more upbeat and some more beatboxing
Fornite player Season 4
Do a video about xxxtencion and play look at me plz
The Popularmmos Fan
Play alone or dark side by Alan walker
Eye of the Umbreon
Faded is really a great song. With those bits you put in... Indeed, epic.
Duy Tang
One of the best !!
Dex Facta
iana skills= epic beatbox skillz=weak still love the idea
Johanna meus
Thats so beautyful,you are legend Marcus !
Timóteo Alves
Mano eu sou brasileiro e eu amo músicas eletrônicas e o teu canal mano tu é muito foda
VenTox_ReX ExTreAm
one word BEAUTIFUL :.(
Dakota Jones
I had chills the whole song, this was amazing!