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Автор: Hamtaro Gasa

By - Hamtaro Gasa

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Комментарии к видео - BTS (日本語字幕) – ''FAKE LOVE' (REMIX/JP) Lyrics [Color Coded_Kan_Rom_Eng]

chimneys thighs
June better record this by himself and bring that ish out i'm THIRSTY 2019
2:29 the lyrics say "I dunno dunno dunno why" AHHAHAHA LMAOO
Cassiopea Black
now i just need a version where they include the part in the teaser 2 of fake love
minie min
can you take the beat and mixed up with the korean version? ❤❤❤❤❤
auki_ for RM/Kim Namjoon
this has the same instrumental as namjoon's demo ver!!
SeeSea Covers
Hor sexi wow i prefer this
nurfatin najwa
I get addicted to this version of fake love 😍😍
Guerry Lee
honestly if they lower the pitch more it will sound better
Whalien 52.03
My bae keeps killing me with his talents 😍😭💜
brandy merritt
Namjoons best beat 🙌🏾💜🔥
Akane Shidehara
This song is one of my faves, I can't stop listening to it 💜🔥🔥 but am I the only one who's heard "JIMIN NO" in 2:14 ??😂
this sounds more mysterious and spooky i love this version
Aneta Wójcik
I need this melody with korean lyrics!
bt s
Min Yoonsfired
i dont know nANI MO
Lucius Archer
Am i the only one who thought tht fake love is dedicated to fake army/toxic army? Bcs no doubt tht some fans just love them bcs of their popularity or visual n im sure bts do realize this. The line, 'for ur sake, i could hide my pain' is what bts always did to army. And some other lines kinda interpret how much they sacrifice to be appreciated by their hardworks n talents but fake army only there 4 them when they r popular..... (but this is just my opinion though, dont take it seriously. i could b wrong :D )
bts- -arza-gumuş-fan
ı l
I lo
I lov
I love
I love J
I love Jİ
I love JİM
I love JİMİ
I love JİMİN
I like this better. It's got that haunting vibes which adds creepiness to the meaning of the song. :)
Nur Ain Batrisyia
i actually love this remix!! but there is no korean version? bcs i think it'd be better in korean ❤
i think rm version is darker than the original one