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Автор: GothicBop: Batwave and Guilty Pleasures

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Dark Music Mixtape #3 (2019): Post-Punk, Gothic, 80s, Synth, Wave, Lo-Fi [Reupload]

*Not included Plague Vendor’s “New Comedown” in this version due to the copyright restrictions by Wagner Music.

Third tape of the year including the best new bands and music releases. More than an hour of new underground music you need to listen. Hauntology of the 80s. Music from the spectre of an alternative future with dark punk attitude.

00:00 Agent Side Grinder – Stripdown [Sweden]
04:43 Second Still – Double Negative [CA, USA]
07:59 Control Top – Chain Reaction [PA, USA]
10:41 Operators – Despair [Canada]
13:33 Pixel Grip – Soft Peaks [IL, USA]
18:01 Love Under Will – Danse Satanas [MI, USA]
21:12 Je T’aime – A Million Suns [France]
24:38 Snapped Ankles – Drink and Glide [UK]
28:48 Le Prince Harry – Stares [Belgium]
31:45 Lizard Skin – Rented Love [OR, USA]
35:20 Wisborg – Spirits That I Called [Germany]
40:05 Neon Electronics – Invisible Man [NY, USA]
44:47 Ploho – Вера в прекрасное [Russia]
47:55 New Haunts – Thrill [UK]
52:18 The Berlangas – Baile sin dientes [Spain]
56:11 Kompromat – Die tausende Herbste [France]
1:00:02 Veil of Light – So Hard [Switzerland]
1:03:49 Scary Black – I Don’t Care [KY, USA]
1:10:36 Komrads – Scatter the Ashes [NY, USA]
1:13:40 The Bluebeard’s Castle – Behind My Door [France]
1:17:32 The Rope – Dying Days [MN, USA]
1:22:45 Foie Gras – Psychic Sobriety [CA, USA]
1:26:45 Minuit Machine – Sacrifice [France]
1:30:50 Solveig Matthildur – The End [Iceland]

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(Mixtape que incluye las mejores nuevas bandas y los últimos lanzamientos musicales. Más de una hora de nueva música underground. Hantología de los 80. Música del espectro de un futuro alternativo con actitud punk oscura. Compártelo si te gusta y no dejes de suscribirte para más vídeos).


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Greg Cheetham
Double negative by Second Still - best thing I've heard in years...
Oblat parisien
Pixel grip a un fort potentiel! On a hâte d'écouter la suite...
Aldo Avila Reyna
From Mexico youtu.be/izERlmohSVY
Playlist for cyberpunk 2077.
Leloeane Joias
Essas são do meu tempo!
Felipe Leonardo Tramon Opazo
Hantologia es Sin H o es idea mía?
Jean Pierre Chauvin
Cesar Augusto
...aqui e agora...
There is hope for the future; the great-grand-children of Bela Lugosi survive.
Universo 7 - O futuro da consciência
I'm listening from Brazil.
Polux Muñoz
The best music. Hello since Cuernavaca
Agente divergente
excelente recopilación.
AnarchaoS 11
Gregory P Kampwirth
These guys rock!! Hey it’s getting darker and darker!! Wo bin ich??? Hallo?? ⚰️🌙👺👹👻😈☠️💀🤖😽🧟‍♂️
Great bands and songs. Thanks, Gothic Bop! If you can, meet some Brazilian Dark Wave:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISLwwSRQirY  www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWnjv3xD7_U
At Zero
Thank You for your Efforts, Cheers from a Southern California Death Rocker..
БРАВО / BRAVO !!! 🖤❤️🖤

Hails & Cheers from Serbia 👍🏻 🇷🇸 🍻
cristina iorga
Nice mix!!!thank u