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Автор: Taz Network

Maroon 5 ‒ Girls Like You ft. Cardi B (Kuoga. Remix) 🔥
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Продолжительность: 3:51

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Комментарии к видео - Maroon 5 ‒ Girls Like You ft. Cardi B (Kuoga. Remix) 🔥

Taz Network
Girls vs boys? Who wins? 😊
a bit late discovering this video but i heard like maybe 2 weeks ago and its part of my gaming music playlist lol. thats rare for a regular/remix song to be in my gaming music playlist lol to me.
Michael Zhou
Idk but srsly if you watch this at .75 speed it sounds like the original song...
Ranieri Di Biagio
My Gosh what a remix....uwahahahaha
Cryptic Wolfie
1.7K likes! :O Shocker! And Taz keep up the good work! :D
Rebecca Leader
prefer the original but this is pretty good too. xx <3
Camo Boy
fortune choga
Ala Proskurina
boys win
keyniya pickett
This idy new favorite song
manoj M.J
ash Playz
I just subbed :3
This is better than the original!
wa la
I just found you and I love EVERYTHING
Adalberto Garrido
What ever it takes. Wellness for good. SKY-W
Better than the normal version. OMGGGGGZZZZ, 44 DISLIKES? IS THIS A JOKE OR WHAT!

come on.......
Aditya Chaudhary
Best ever mix
Hey maroon 5 fans/cardi b fans...check out another fans first single? 😁 thanks.

Veronica - Yekcoh (original)
popular king
Can i be a robot