Смотреть бесплатно онлайн клип - XXXTENTACION "Changes" (JustKryptic - Cover/Remix)

Автор: JustKryptic

RIP X - Dm me on insta @justkryptic to talk
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*Disclaimer - I personally made every single element in this song. The beat/track, vocals, and lyrics*

Рубрика: Развлечения

Продолжительность: 2:8

Рейтинг: 9483

Количество просмотров: 132005

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Комментарии к видео - XXXTENTACION "Changes" (JustKryptic - Cover/Remix)

Rip X 😔
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I will continue to carry his legacy.
This will be on all streaming services soon. Spotify, Apple, etc.
(Should I do more covers? Lmk)
ConnorTheConnor !
Rip x good job bro
David Childers
Not to be rude but u sound terrible compared to him and ingeniral
kiritoart gaming&more
Cool, here after 1.5k
Ben M
He low-key sounds like lol Uzi vert
Forever ShaMia
1:10 😍😍😍
HG SkillZz
I can't listen to this I'ma cry fr tho
Rachel Gonzalez
Killer Psycho
HOLY SHIT IM GOING TO CRY!!! I miss Xxxtentacion!!!! 😭😢
Lilxxx MUSIC And Opinions&News
Rip x
Vanity Verse
The dumbest thing I heard in my life jk AMAZING!!!
Aaliyah Mcgavock
Listed to this on repeat 💙💖
Aaliyah Mcgavock
Rip xxxtentacion 😢💔💔💜💙💖
djradio Dwayne maye
Vianae Ochoa
I just found you and this is amazing. I love your content. I have mad respect for you. Keep it goin. ‼️❤️
Melani Cruz
😭💔 good job💯
i love you xxxtentacion rip young king
Most of the people have respect here because they’re X fans. New or old fans they’re real since they know what he went through, what he did, why he did, what he achieved and many more. We can’t express our feelings for X after his death. Most of us here are still highly in shock. 1 month after his death tomorrow. I promise to celebrate X’s life. Mine and his fans are love for him are indescribable.

This was a nice cover.

RIP YOUNG KING, you are finally free. 💕
Kaylee Heisch
Raelyn Radcliff
Thank you for making this... R.I.P. X
Rip x

But this tribute is horrible because the person singing it is doing every badly