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Автор: JustKryptic

RIP X - Dm me on insta @justkryptic to talk
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• SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/justkryptic

*Disclaimer - I personally made every single element in this song. The beat/track, vocals, and lyrics*

Рубрика: Развлечения

Продолжительность: 2:8

Рейтинг: 17077

Количество просмотров: 349551

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Комментарии к видео - XXXTENTACION "Changes" (JustKryptic - Cover/Remix)

Rip X 😔
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I will continue to carry his legacy.
This will be on all streaming services soon. Spotify, Apple, etc.
(Should I do more covers? Lmk)
youngest lord
i literally cried i felt so emotional on listening to this
Madyson Miller
Love your version and those fallback had me balling even tho I’m 12 I done so I came to there I’d just write his lyrics down of like Orlando or f love and it shows me I’m dead inside and I can hide it real well but when I’m sad I go his page cry sing rap then think of it wasn’t for him what would I do
Deonte Kidd
sugar sweethoney
No me and x have the same birthday I was just not in 05 not 98
Elijah Outer
This made me cry😥😢💔
luis Ángel Lozano
Rayos!!como no llorar solo por xxtentación
sofia slash5 2
Your so cute
Patricia Cazarez
You have a good voice at singing 🎤 vi miss xxxtetacion alot because he was my favorite singer I really miss him when I wake up so I can go to school I think 💭 about him that he is in a good please rip x
sofia slash5 2
I’m crying 😭😭😭 why did you left I wish I said my final bye 😪

I love you all be you don’t be pretty for a boy don’t be handsome for a girl just be your self ❤️❤️😭
Tricky Cheeks
Who ever disliked this has no souls kryptic you are the best rapper and sing er ever brig this is talent no cap.Bro you are a good vibe to this world never hate your self you should have no reasons to hate your self. Keep living life. I lost my grandpa and I’m still happy . Gotta deal with stuff, you got to .....
lol i is potato
I'm literally tearing up long live x long live x rip x you'll be missed
Dj&LexieChannel _
"Message to my ex"🙂
livi g
Omg your such a good singer
Andrea Canales
This is not on Spotify or SoundCloud ?☹️
Dj&LexieChannel _
Cooper Gaming
I cried rip x 😔😔😔
Andrea Canales
❤️ R.I.P. X 🖤
Jack der pilot
That's cool man..
Omni God of all Saiyans
Rip x it was just to check we couldn't cash he's in a better place