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Автор: Derek Fiechter

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Gothic music about a mysterious doll with hazel eyes that was given to a young girl by her parents for her birthday, and though the doll is normal in the daytime, at nighttime it seems to come alive. This music I composed is called Hazel Eyes. I hope you enjoy listening to it!


This spooky picture is by nng.


The artwork for the Dark Lullabies II CD is by H-stock.


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Продолжительность: 3:32

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Комментарии к видео - Gothic Music - Hazel Eyes

tom Rose
I have hazel eyes...
All Star Pterosaur
I can imagine a certain baguette saying “When I was a girl, I had a fear of spiders. I was told they felt no emotion, that their hearts never beat. But I know the truth.”
With the right beat line. This make a hell of a hip hop instrumental.. My guy would make a fire 1 nbs
I like this a lot. I myself have a doll that my mother gave me with hazel eyes.
Clover Naya
محمد حسين
I from.Iraq your channel is wonderful
Jose Alejandro Peláez
Derek would come a dark Christmas melody plis
Nguyễn Minh Ngọc
tj leonard
Creepy haunting music...... but good music sound pretty but scary......
Maja S.
Beautiful! ♡♡♡
When I was a child, my grandmother gave me a doll that she had been given when she was a child. The doll's name was Hazel, too, but it never came to life. lol
Reminds me of the gardens we go traipsing around in a horror RPG game based on Faust. The protagonist is Faust's daughter and she's trying to find out what happened to Margaret and who the strange person locked in the basement of her father's house is.
Karissa Elizabeth Ann Lowell
Derek , where is Blue Eyes please.
Marc Jungermann
It's super atmospheric, and very beautiful. Love the different sounds and how they blend together. Splendid work!
Salman Alhalal
Salman Alhalal
Thanks for the great music , and we're waiting for more of your creations
Zack Zack
I like gothic music it's one of my favorite music 😍 and I'm happy to be in your gorgeous channel
The spooky and creepy and gothic music Brandon and you have been composing recently is top quality, something to be looking forward to every evening. I enjoy and appreciate the mystery the songs contain. :-))
Benjamin Chase
Hi Derek, can you make a traditional Malay music, wish to remember my old vacation
Darth Vegeta
Do you think you could make cultural hybrid music?
Like Id wanna hear what a song called Spartan Samurai would sound like by yall.