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Автор: Brass Tax

I reviewed Marvels Black Panther in 4K and thought it was a very good transfer, but, besides bluray, there's another format….3D In this B****!. How does this transfer stack up compared to the 1080p Bluray and the 4K? How does it look and sound? Just watch while I go Balls Deep into the 3D and DTS 7.1 Sound. Marvel’s Black Panther 3D Bluray Review - Brass Tax Style .. Let's Go!
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Комментарии к видео - Black Panther 3D Bluray Review

Man this review was legendary. Had me laughing. Gonna have to look for this import.
Johnny Blaze
I have a 50+ collection of 3D Blu-rays with all the best titles in it including all the IMAX ones. After seeing this today on 3D, I can reasonably say this is in my top 10. Switching aspect ratio helps too.
Noel McCord
Hey Kong, I have a home cinema 3D blue ray system hooked up to a 3D projector, good 3D, the home cinema is an entry-level price system, does the 3D image quality get better with the more expensive models?
I was torn today in Tescos choosing 3d or 4k Black panther, I went with 3d in the end, I can only pick one coz I'm running out room in this bitch.
Ben Rat
Just got my 4k+3D combo in the mail yesterday. 4k version was decent, but the dolby atmos didn't stand out to me this time. Cant wait to view the 3D version after watching this video! Thanks Tax!
Awesome movie! Glad the 3D is great. I hope Infinity War's 3D is also this good because IW's 3D was A1 in theaters in IMAX 3D! Thanks for the review, Brass.
Srini J
Kong tax FTW 👍 just finished watching this, thank God my Samsung does 3d. What a fantastic pop and depth, one of the best 3d movies I've ever watched no kidding. Unreal! Though the 4k version has great colors, resolution and HDR, 3d is the way to go with this, no doubt.
Yeah, Baby! Importing it! Getting it in a couple of weeks!
pete cap
Check this out the crap Dolby is doing with firmeware update Please pass it on www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOR1qlcGdjc
Will S
Man, I've watched so many of your videos this past weekend. Absolutely hilarious. Just bought my 4K TV and 3.1 system (full surround Atmos soon), and I've been tailoring my 4K disc purchase list around you (and SpareChange). Appreciate everything.
GaaawwDaaaammn , But wait ... relax , take a deep breath , YouAlreadyKnow ...Kong Tax in this ...Three Dimensional Greatness .Now take a red pill & forget you ever seen Jurassic Park 3 in 4K HDR 😂 LoL
Great review as always man could you do that Marvel like logo for me. Like I mean with my Instagram name.
Andrew Butler
Kong Taxx you make laugh pal 😆🤣 Love the review! 3D should have never died! Can't be hard to carry on adding it to new TVs as just another feature, surely. I am more impressed by 3D on my LG OLED than any 4k HDR film. Last Jedi, thor 3, black panther all high profile and all better than the 4k versions. 4k hdr at 60 frames for TV programmes is undeniably awesome, but for 24fps movies - it's 3D (done well) for me baby! 😎
The Marvel/DC Fan
Disney/Marvel really needs to start putting their IMAX movies on 4K. Seriously.
Can't get the 3D Steelbook for love nor money unless on Evilbay at stupid prices. Not my favourite Marvel film but i have to have it. I have all the others :)
Can you do a review for X-Men Days of Future Past 4k Bluray review? Please.
GP Movies
Marvel Studios have proven themselves as the king of 3d Blu-rays. Guardians, Ragnarok, Civil War, etc are all incredible and I'm glad they haven't given up their sky high quality with this one. Can't wait to get it.
I hate how Disney are cropping Imax ratio'd scenes on 4k releases. If infinity war comes out cropped, im gonna have to choke a bitch
Lord Teletubby Dipsy :*
Yet again... I'm here to see Kong. 😎 I'm beginning to wish my TV does 3D.
Videogame Vegas

Thanks for keeping 3D reviews ALIVE! Kong just guaranteed this import for me! My 3D setup is about to get CRAZY!