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Other highlights include a decline in infant mortality, colorectal cancer deaths, and smoking among adults.

New Jersey’s highlights included meeting the needs of adults with mental illness, and employee health insurance contributions as a share of median income.

“That is a question that people are asking and that is really critical to addressing the opioid epidemic in a definitive way,” Blumenthal said.

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Getting friendly with a neighborhood proprietor is a good way to establish rapport with someone who will offer you special attention when meeting with clients.

Smaller shops tend to offer more personalized attention and you can make special requests when the opportunity presents itself.

The finish line is a quarter mile inside the Philadelphia Navy Yard at the end of Broad Street in South Philadelphia. All runners not keeping that pace will be directed to the sidewalks. Water will be available, and Gatorade will be provided at the 2.2-, 6.3-, 7.8- and 8.5-mile water stations and at the finish.

Gatorade will be in bright green cups on the first tables of each station on both sides of the street.

Scheduling a casual business meeting or creative work session over a cup of coffee is a great way to change your environment and enjoy a boost of caffeinated energy while getting things done.

Few business professionals can take a couple of hours out of their busy day to linger over a meal when their office is burning with business.

If you’re a young executive, looking to expand your professional circle, and your funds are limited, an invitation to coffee is often a great option.

With busy schedules in mind, a cup of coffee is a perfect alternative to the more expensive lunch. If you scheduled the coffee meet-up, it’s your responsibility to cover the cost of your guest’s drink (plus a tip for the helpful barista). If you’re on your way to meet with a client and know you’ll be passing by her favorite coffee shop, offer to grab her favorite mocha latte “to go”.

A quick drive or walk to the coffee shop makes the meeting easy and less stressful. A noisy room with the hustle and bustle of people creates a distraction and the potential risk of spills.

Don’t overlook the opportunity for a budget-friendly networking option.

The categories encompass a total of 43 indicators drawn from national health data.