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He often lashes out at me with disrespect and impatience which is just horrible. Last Friday I was supposed to go to his place again like I always do but I needed the time to myself to get my house in order for Christmas. he also had mood issues and would do the push me away thing pull me back.... Try a year and being engaged and then finding out he couldn't stop his online affairs!!! It's very difficult but don't get stuck in that mess and continue allowing him to hurt you. I had given Joe one chance when we had been dating 45 days.

I guess I accept this behaviour because it's better than being alone and we do have fun sometimes with an incredible sex life. He broke off with me again without telling me why and started emailing women again on the dating sites. I knew this would get him upset so I told him I was sick with a huge migraine. my x would be on really lude sites like three months into our relationship.. he also has a controlling mean spirited neighbor girl chasing him who finallyg got him over to her side... acting like a ''friend'' and telling me all about the little dog he just saved from the Pound... but i cant help but wonder what he really wants like why is he calling me.... Ive been reading bout narsisstic youll find it interesting.. Posts very old photos of himself that look nothing like him now. I also discovered online chatting up these young pretty girls.

He lives an hour away from me and I'm always going to his house because he says my house is too much of a mess.

I found out he's been continuing to write to other women on the dating sites three months into our relationship.

x I know how you feel, my ex done the same he was never physical or verbal abusive 2 me but the date sites i couldn`t cope with now we have split up i gave him 6mths 2 get his **** 2gether or no more we see each other often but i won`t go bk 2 him till he has sorted out his life i say remove the past b4 moving 4ward which i done when my marrage broke down i stayed single over 4 years so i could remove every thing and not take 4ward 2 future relationships i told my ex i married an **** hole i don`t need another in my life i`m so much stronger now, he realises wht he had and as hard as it sounds i`m sorry but i won`t be made a fool of or be on any mans arm while he rsearches dates sites 4 the next best thing i deserve better than that i hope all works out 4 u ***** Wow my ex was named "Anmol Chandan"!!!! So many at his uni hate him now and he's made a joke of himself.

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