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A lush, tropical sea port, Midnight Isle appears to be an island paradise, an emerald jewel, thought all is not what it seems.Lost souls often find themselves deposited in the jungles or the on the beach, plucked from their home worlds and abandoned on the island to find a new life.

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It is here where they must find within themselves a strength to survive. Vampires wish to regain control from the ruling demons although their silent war is waged in secret.

Humans, elves, and fae are all cultivated by the various races that feed upon them.

Email [email protected] you didn't receive the email or if you have questions. ~Sericea & Rook The big problem with this plan is that Thorne has no idea where the other island exists.

Not only that, but if he and Sericea end up out in the open when the sun rises, the two Ancient Children would end up very dead.

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Please also read the terms and conditions set forth on this website and contact us if you have any further questions.Are you an adult, teen, single, gay, lesbian, or do you prefer one on one private conversation?Whether you prefer busier or quieter rooms, regardless of race, age or sex, we have diversified enough to have you covered.Trade is required between the Islands of Midnight and Dreams and the far Western Keys, where elves, humans, and other races have built their homes.Deep below Island of the Dreams is Vvrock'uvin, the drow City of Wicked Pleasure, where each day is a fight for dominance and survival within the wicked, matriarchal society of dark elves.In order to participate, the one basic requirement is you need to be a minimum of 13 years of age or older.