America dating egypt

I visit my relatives in Egypt in the summer most of the time. My man loves me so much he is willing to take us all back accross the vast oceans but I hate to do this to him.this hurts.cultures are so different and who knew in the beginning we would end up here or that he would rather the children grow up here?! Our love is so strong I hope it endures but I do not see my future here even if it where he wants to be.

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We came here for some of the reasons you mentioned and some may be true but it doesn't outweigh the pluses of American LIfe to me..think hard. I'm think the conversion is 6 to 1 US dollar am I correct??? Actually it's you, you psychotic child of an alcoholic sugar mama, with a disfunctional family of hill billy drunks! I believe you are one of those desperate lonely, pimple faced girls who lives in a fantasy world online. Believe it or not we met through email and i told him hi...

I wish I had just tried to scale down my unneccesary, over extravagant lifestyle & spending and lived more to my means in US. I am still adjusting my 1st yr here so you may have to share others viewpoints. The fantasy plan is to sell are home here in the US plus all of our belongings hopefully that will give us the k (equity and stuff). Get A Life, you are the one with a thousand user names, and I know Alana is you! Sonomod you lonely low life broad with a multiple personality disorder! I bet you have a slew of online husbands under the various user IDs you have, yeah stay online 24 hours and get your useless home course degree online, you idiot! I wanted to meet someone closer to my location (Dallas).

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Hi Everyone, I live in America, I m a professor at a major college in the states. Love to hear from American women from all over and there views, thoughts, any input on egyptian men. I am from America married to Egyptian man for 10 yrs happily. I want my children to have more opportunites in life and freedom I want them to enjoy so much I took for granted without being spoiled. Jenna, I have been dating an Egyptian guy for a little while and he's amazing.

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