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time after which) of the collection as a whole (which cannot be earlier than the latest coins in the collection).

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Al Idrisi wrote: “A group of seafarers sailed into the sea of darkness and fog (the Atlantic Ocean) from Lisbon in order to discover what was in it and to what extent were its limits.They were a party of eight and they took a boat which was loaded with supplies to last them for months.A Moorish ship, perhaps from Spain or North Africa, seems to have crossed the Atlantic around 800 CE .“ The discovery of these coins adds validity to the reports, recorded by Muslim historians and geographers, concerning the journeys of Muslim adventurers and navigators across the Atlantic Ocean.In Muruj adh-Dhahab wa Ma’adin al-Jawhar (The Meadows of Gold and Quarries of Jewels) written around the year 956 CE, Abul Hassan Ali ibn al-Hussain ibn Ali al-Masudi, a historian, geographer, philosopher, and natural scientist, wrote about a young man of Cordoba named Khashkhash ibn Saeed ibn Aswad who crossed the Atlantic Ocean, made contact with people on the other side, and returned in the year 889 CE.Evidence leading to establishing the presence of Muslims in ancient America comes from a number of sculptures, oral traditions, eye-witness reports, artifacts, Arabic documents, coins, and inscriptions.

In Meso-American art, we see Africans and Semites in positions of power and prestige, especially in trading communities of Mexico.

They sailed for eleven days until they reached turbulent waters with great waves and little light.

They thought that they would perish so they turned their boat southward and travelled for twelve days.

He translated for the King and asked them about their mission.

They informed him about themselves, then they were returned to their confinement.

Quik’s book.) Ancient America was not isolated from the old world as many historians and anthropologists would have us believe.