Android validating a url

You will get the following events when the user visits or leaves a web site that is in your white-list. The domain of the intent action ‘SBROWSER_VIEW_FOR_EXTERNAL_APP’ was changed from ‘android.intent.action’ to ‘’ due to the platform limitation (from Android O OS).Intent intent = new Intent(); Action("sbrowser.webcontentsprovider. To preserve backward compatibility, 3rd party application need to check interface version of installed Samsung Internet to use valid intent action.

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When the user visits a white-listed web page, Samsung Internet for Android will send the URL and meta-elements of the current page to your app so that your app can recommend proper contents to the user.Your app should use the URL and meta-elements to show your contents to users on top of Samsung Internet for Android with your own UI.Samsung Internet for Android will provide information on the current web page that the user is viewing, so your extension app can recommend contents based on that information.The information will be available if the current web page that the user is viewing is belongs to a white-listed (provided by your app) URL host, and if the user granted permission to your app.Detailed guidelines will be provided via e-mail, and the validation process takes around 1 week.

Once validated, the package name and signature will be registered, and your app will be listed in our Extensions settings.

Samsung Internet for Android provides support for 3rd party extensions that let users customize their web browsing experience.

We are constantly seeking for more services that can be integrated to further improve user experience.

To get web contents information from Samsung Internet for Android, the following intents need to be handled. FLAG_ACTIVITY_EXCLUDE_FROM_RECENTS); List Samsung Internet for Android lets you open URLs in a new tab, so users can visit the page you are recommending, close the new tab, and seamlessly resume browsing the contents they were looking at before.

Samsung Internet provides web contents data based on the white-list of URL hosts provided by your app. Call start Activity() with the following intent to open URLs in a new tab.

Starting from 4.2, Samsung Internet for Android lets 3rd party apps recommend valuable contents to desiring users.