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One of them related to us the story that the head Mexican archaeologist had come to him and told him that since his site, that he was excavating, was several hundred feet up the mountain from the site at which these people were excavating, that he should claim that he had found some more artifacts at his site, and that artifacts from his site probably had washed down to their level in ancient times. After the death, some thirty years later, of the "head honcho" of Mexican archaeology, this now-famous archaeologist published a paper simply claiming that he had found nothing.To him, that was very important, from the standpoint that he could report honestly for the first time in three decades what he had really found.

Other people had found similar things to this site.

Those collections lay in private hands, and under the control of the University of Puebla.

Even after "Dagwood" retired, he had named "puppets" to take his place which would follow his bidding and follow his orders not to allow the site to be opened. An immense amount of people who had never heard that any of this had happened, continued their daily lives.

The few who had been scarred, "licked their wounds and went to their corners." One last step "Dagwood must take to fulfill his plan: This still would be an incredible date, it was claimed, and still would be the oldest date known, they claimed.

If not for her, very possibly all of this would have been lost in the "brambles" of history. I heard in class of the Mexican army's coming and containing the artifacts.

I heard how the excavation had been forced to shut down.

Many things are happening with this site, which have not been reported in other magazines such as "the Ancient American." We would like to report some of these events to our readers at this time. We consider Virginia to be a very good friend of ours, and have helped channel some of the financing that she needed to complete her work more recently.

Hueyatlaco was excavated at first by an archaeologist by the name of Cynthia Williams. We will not attempt here to cover ground which she has already covered in her articles.

The young archaeologist, located farther up the mountain that we have referred to, we will call "Rusty." "Rusty" was very intimidated by "Dagwood." He knew that his whole future lay within "Dagwood's" grasp, and he would be crushed if he did not do "Dagwood's" bidding.

Therefore, "Rusty" decided simply not to write a report on his site.

What we do wish to relate to our readers in this article are the steps that we took in parts of the investigation of this enigma.