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Kim learned to play drums, Matt found a couple of old keyboards, and together they began writing songs inspired by punk and new wave and infused with the duo's happy energy.They began playing shows around Brooklyn and amassed a devoted fan base who loved to dance to the duo's music.Their concerts are known for their rowdiness, and their show last Tuesday was no exception.

The duo's next album was painstakingly recorded at Matt's childhood home in Vermont over a nine-month span as the duo looked to make a record that didn't just document their live set, but stood alone as a listening experience.It was released in 2007 by the Fader label, and spawned a hit single, "Daylight," and a video for the song "Lessons Learned" that saw them stripping down to nothing in the middle of a busy Times Square.It was released by Fader in May of 2018, while the band were, where else, but on tour.Musical duo Matt and Kim have been making waves since 2004—to date they’ve released five albums, been featured in three commercials, appeared in countless soundtracks, and won one MTV Video Music award for a video in which they stripped in Times Square.Once she was able to get back behind the drums, they wrote a batch of introspective and uplifting songs, then started work on their sixth record, ALMOST EVERYDAY.

Produced by Matt and Lars Stalfors, the record features a long list of guest vocalists: Santigold, Kevin Morby, Kevin Ray from Walk the Moon, Dave Monks of Tokyo Police Club, King Tuff, and Mark Hoppus can be heard singing along with Matt and Kim in the choruses.Photo: Getty Images How many college sweethearts can say they spend every moment together—and sometimes those moments are shared with hundreds of thousands of onlookers?Such is the case for Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino, a.k.a., Matt & Kim.Their self-titled album was quickly recorded in California while the band was in the middle of a tour, then released in 2016.More touring followed, including slots at Lollapalooza and the Siren Music Festival.2012's Sidewalks was a change of pace; relying heavily on programmed drums and electronic, club-ready music and less on the frantic dance punk of previous albums.