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(Not that being one of the 12 tribes in itself guarantees popularity.) And I almost forgot to mention, we have a son named Asher who was born in 2002.

Asher is a beautiful name and it's great because The Giver is my favorite book. I plan to use it for my baby if it's a boy (expecting next July). All I can think of is Ash, played by Bruce Campbell, from the _Evil Dead_ series, although Ash is short for Ashley in that case.

It's a good option for readers who like wish-fulfillment romance stories.

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Her girlfriends in Oregon and California are kind and supportive, and there's very little teen girl drama.

Sierra and her parents are close, and even though she has some conflict with her dad, they talk through their issues.

As many people have mentioned, this is the name of a character from 'The Giver'.

To the person wanting to name a son Gabriel Asher, I wanted to point out that Gabriel is also a character from 'The Giver' (he's the new child that Jonas' dad has to watch over, and Jonas eventually rescues from release). It sounds like it could be used for a girl or a boy.

Sierra and her family move to California for the holiday season every year to sell trees.

Because business is slowing, this might be their last year making the trip, which makes Sierra sad, especially after she meets the mysterious Caleb.Caleb has problems in his past, but he works hard every day to be a good person and help others.He's always kind and respectful to Sierra, her friends, and her family.There's no swearing, drugs, alcohol, or smoking, and the sexual content is limited to chaste kisses.It's a good option for readers who like wish-fulfillment romance stories. Always approach people with compassion and empathy, because you can't tell from the outside what they've been through or are dealing with.Whether it's the realization things need to end, the act of rejection, the reality of being single, or the resurrection that is moving on, the Ex Games has every stage of a breakup covered., where we delve into the two sides of a break-up story with a new couple each week, and aim to end up somewhere near the truth.