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The same thing I can tell you about limitation of "PASSWORD CHANGE" function. In general, conditions are quite good for trading and withdrawals.For year and a half of cooperation all is good till now, execution speed is fast even during news and spreads are really tight and pleasant.

I shall mention that they provide stronger-than-average services, completely fulfilling their obligations on bonuses and other tips they provide and also they ensure a high order processing speed, especially during calm markets.

Their support is quite polite and helpful, and as a long-term runner, I am used to pen trades and can calmly leave them for a week or two, as swaps on major currency pairs is not huge.

So at the moment, I am pleased with their services. Unfortunately, withdrawal hasn't been checked yet, so I would like to tell about trading process and deposit. Used SKRILL for deposit without commissions, they say that withdraw also without commission. Usually, it is about 1 second, so, I think, it must be good even for scalping. Also, this broker doesn't offers its services for citizens of USA. Basically, good broker, have been working with it for 1 year already.

It is one of safest methods that I know so I chosen it. It is not so comfortable as I used to have at other brokers, but after getting instructions from support, it is become easy and understandable to navigate on it. I thought that it is strange, that I must to download their MT4 platform for trading, but now I understand that it is great for keeping safe of their servers and my money. I am able to trade manually or to use EA - there are no restrictions in styles of trading. It is not like they are the best, but they have my respect for how they do business. The only thing, during the latter time their speed of order execution became noticeably better, nice improvement.

Thus, there were no problems at the end of trading session.

I have successfully cashed out all my investments from here until further big news. After three months trading demo deposited into my live account.Trading is the same as with demo, order processing is rather fast, and what's the most pleasant, there are no huge widenings of spread while opening and closing of trades during news, unlike some other brokers I traded with.For a couple of months with live account, applied several times for withdrawal, everything was processed in due time. I am not using EAs during tests, but speed is enough for manual trading. So, finally, this broker offers nice terms of trading for every type of traders, but, unfortunately, SWAP free accounts are unavailable for every trader. I get my profits and have nothing to say apart from thanks for their service.That was hard for me to believe at first, but it turned out to be so)) It was very pleasant that I got my money yet before New year, many thanks for such promo.Hello, I would like to share my experience with them.Recently I made a withdrawal which worked out more general profit that I have deposited in total, so with Gainsy I feel confident and reliably so far. Among disadvantages, I may mention that their website is old-looking and somewhat ugly, also there are still no oil for trading, but in general, I am more than satisfied with their cooperation.