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He says in 1934 the Turkish government introduced the measure to help build a modern, westernized nation out of the ruins of the Ottoman Empire.

Even though Turkey was a multi-ethnic and multi-faith state, The Surname Law sought to eradicate any personal markers that might differentiate a non-Turk from the greater Turkish state.

I am particularly interested in the Charles and Allen Families that came from Dubbo and surrounds.

The family members we are researching are Theresa Vera Allen also known as ' Ma' Charles or Rogers as she remarried after her first husband Clifford Clarence Charles passed away in Wyana bushfires.

In 1849, Governor Narciso Claveria decreed that Filipinos be assigned hereditary surnames.

Up until that point, most Filipinos had a single name, which made it difficult to operate a bureaucracy.

We know that on his WWI record Cliff was listed as having Dark Brown Hair, Blue eyes and a 'medium' complexion.

We only have oral history on Theresa being that she was a midwife that worked in Gulgong, Gulargambone etc.

I also no that he ran The Plough Inn from 1841 till 1843.

I have been unable to find his birth or his immigration (or convict) I was wondering if you had anything about him or if you had a photo of the Plough Inn, Thanking you Patricia I am trying to find out when one of my ancestors first came to the area and went to work at Havilah.

Prussion and Russian Jews were denied citizenship if they did not abide by the rule.

In more recent times in Bulgaria, formerly part of the Ottoman Empire and historically home to the Turkish and Bulgarian Muslims (known as Pomaks) citizens were pressured to regain their’original Bulgarian identity’ during communist rule. This renaming effort, in concert with the repression of Turkish cultural expression, induced a mass exodus of ethnic Turks to Turkey.

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