Ava gardner dating history

[on Robert Taylor] I knew him as a warm, generous, intelligent human being.

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Dry martinis now became her daily companions and her leading man in the film, Bribe, suave, handsome actor Robert Taylor became her next married lover.

The 'magical little interlude' as Ava called it, that was steeped in secrecy and guilt, lasted only a few months because Taylor was unhappily married to Barbara Stanwyck, one of Hollywood's great leading ladies at the time.

Frank had once briefly left Nancy for Lana Turner but Ava was different. Letters of disgust from fans appeared in Hedda Hopper's syndicated gossip column in the L. Times.'I'm being vilified', Ava complained to journalist Earl Wilson.

She accepted expensive gifts from lovers but didn't view herself as a real-life femme fatale.

But they both knew it was true love on their drunken first date.

Out carousing one night, the actress wanted proof that Frank's word was true and that he had asked Nancy for a divorce. And she was a real bitch too,' Nancy said referring to Ava.

The honeymoon began in Miami and segued down to Cuba where they walked along the beach, drank, danced and made love.'For a brief moment they were completely blissful and it seemed that nothing could stand in the way of their happiness'.'They were young, beautiful and in love'.

They returned to New York and then out to Los Angeles for an elaborate reception at his home in the Pacific Palisades. With no offers of film work, Frank flew back to New York to film the second season of The Frank Sinatra Show and to scare up what bookings he could at Manhattan nightclubs.

His TV show ratings were in the basement and it was about to be cancelled.

Ava was with him in New York despite urgent demands from MGM studios to return to work.

Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra began their affair while he was still married to Nancy Sinatra.