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In a statement at the White House, President Barack Obama mourned the victims and lamented the steady stream of mass shootings he has had to address while in office.If you don’t want us to publish the links of your bands, please let us know by sending an e- mail and it will be omitted from our Web- Site.


However, as you can see above, this section is to be used by a specialist only, as an ordinary user will not be able to define what to change there, why and how.

First of all, when you create a moderator, or any other registration, there must be a field to retype the password in order to avoid problems with mistyped passwords.

Second, when you add a moderator and want to add another one, the next section will be listed just under that old one.

Configuration This is the section to manage the general settings of the site like the name of the web-site (is it the title?

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