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I'm finding it hard to think of planning a section..want to make the right decision You aren't actually technically pregnant until week 3, that's why they "add" 2 weeks.They count the 2-ish weeks while you are having your period/the time leading up to ovulation as part of the pregnancy. Your due date: It's that day circled in red on your calendar. Jordan is apparently hiding a big secret from his fans.

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This means I'm now 13w3 days instead of in the 12 week so that makes me happy if it's true lol. hmmm..doc don't seem to change if the date is within a week or so of the LMP. think of it this way, the March of Dimes supports gestation to 39 weeks and even if you scheduled a C based on your u/s date that would still put you only 6 days from your LMP and within the 39 week period.

Your baby will most likely be fine and just as healthy.

In surgery the could hardly get him out because he was stuck high up and his head was a cone (Even tho I had zero labor) so they knew he had been stuck for a bit.

He was big at 9lbs 13ozs and had a super hard head.

My first was born by section after I was 12 days overdue and they couldn't start labour with gel etc.

He never came down so they couldn't start me on the drip as they thought it would put him into distress.I ended up delivering at 41 weeks and it was definitely correct she was 8lbs and 20inches long and she also passed merconium I trust technology more than a day that I try to remember.Most doctors will let you go overdue for a week or two anyway.I typically have regular periods and was on clomid for repeat MC's.I had my scan down when I was I was just a little over 10 weeks.With this one I will go early or on my due date because of the fact that my daughter passed merconium and we are going to try and avoid that this time.