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location shooting in Kern County continues to be big news for the local media.A new article in the Bakersfield Californian reports Paramount was trying to keep the filming a secret, but the cover was blown when the TV crews ‘found’ the film crew while covering a traffic accident (reported here on Monday).Some men and women get timid and end up forgetting what they really want to express after they buzz the chatline.It generally is a smart strategy to prepare yourself ahead by documenting some concepts on a scratch pad to have ready. When you're chatting on a hotline, with many hundreds of yummy posts being traded in a fast rate, most likely no one is going to realize it if you ever vary minor facts.Nonetheless, in case you lack the self esteem in the beginning, you are going to quickly discover the angels of the singles hotline simply by playing the recorded messages left by other people and take a cue from the messages they leave. Simply give it a test, contact one of the many great phone sex lines in Bakersfield California.

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Now in a new blog post (which quotes yours truly), Nick Belardes of KERO has put up a new higher res cap from the Corvette video. They then put a security guy (and then a bus) between the camera crew and the object of interest.

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