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We are to run this race looking unto Jesus, comparing ourselves with Him alone, all the time.Thus alone will there be a constant cry from our hearts, "O wretched man that I am" - for we shall be constantly aware of how unlike Jesus we are, even when we have come to a life of victory over conscious sin.Jesus waited for the old wine to run out, at Cana, before He did His miracle.

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Then it is about time that we sought the Lord's face and acknowledged our need honestly. The new wine in Cana was not produced by human effort. This will be as much His work as the new wine produced in Cana was His work. We cannot produce the life of Jesus - even if we try for a lifetime.

But if we bear in our body "the dying of Jesus" (the taking up of the cross each day, the dying to our ego, our self-will and our rights and reputation), God promises to produce the new wine of the life of Jesus in us ().

Thus the light shines brighter and brighter upon us and we become more and more conscious of the hidden sins that lurk in our flesh, which we were not aware of in earlier days; and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all those sins.

Thus it is, that the closer we come to the Lord, the more aware we become of sin in our own flesh, and less and less of the sin in others around us.

The old wine runs out; and the Lord has to wait until it runs out before He can give us the new wine.

"For the Lord God says: Only in waiting for Me will you be saved. And the Lord is waiting for you (to come to an end of yourself) and to come to Him, so that He can show you His love; He will conquer you to bless you. Blessed are all those who wait for Him to help them'' ( - TLB). say, We will get our help from Egypt (human strength)! When we have tried and tried and tried to live in victory and failed repeatedly, this is the lesson that God is trying to teach us: "You cannot have victory in your own strength." As long as you are under the law, you will be ruled by sin.

The chief work that God seeks to do in each of His children is to break down the strength of self totally.

We no longer desire to throw stones at the woman caught in adultery, for we are aware in Jesus' presence, of the sin in our own flesh, and we cry out, "O wretched man that I am", rather than "O wretched woman that she is" (). And this is really the test of whether we have just a religion and some doctrines or whether we are living before the face of God Himself.

Has the wine run out in our personal life, our married life or our assembly life? He will write His laws in our heart and mind, making us to will and to do His perfect will ().

Most Christians are unwilling to give up the traditions of their elders, even when they see these to be clearly contrary to the teaching of God's Word.