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The only cool moment on the island came when Rey went into the dark hole at the bottom of the island and had her Endless Mirror moment. If Rey ends up being a Kenobi or Skywalker, it’s like, “Oh, I knew it.

For them to be facing this unexpected backlash has them searching for answers about their own process for identifying what makes a good Star Wars director. He’s impossible to look away from whenever he’s onscreen. By that I mean shot composition, the way sequences were crafted, the overall visual style of the film.6) Leia Poppins – I seem to be in the minority on this.If I’m a kid, I’m asking, “Why can’t the big ship shoot down the little ship?” A screenwriting lesson I preach is that your Pillar plot points – the ones that hold up the core story – need to be airtight.Somehow, the ship is able to stay just far enough out of range that the Destroyer can’t do the one thing its name suggests it can do – destroy.

The Rebels need to figure out a solution before they run out of gas.

It almost feels like there’s a fear of SJW backlash (with Rose being both a woman and a minority) if you say Rose’s character blows. This could’ve been the film’s saving grace if it wasn’t undermined by Johnson’s baffling mismanagement of Luke Skywalker, the character Johnson said was his favorite growing up. Not only is that the most contradictory statement ever, but Luke’s one job in this movie is to teach those three lessons AND I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY WERE.

How could this be your favorite character when you gave us this sad crabby unlikable version of everyone’s childhood hero and then kill him off in a benign pointless lazy manner??? Luke would show up each day, say something vague like, “the Force is what’s between the stuff you imagine,” and that, I guess, is what constituted a lesson. Look, I get that this is a “Damned if you do and damned if you don’t” scenario.

I thought it was badass seeing Leia use the force, and in such a unique way.

The way it was shot was a little weird, which hurt the moment a bit. 7) Snoke’s Death – I loved the way Snoke’s death was shot. 8) Thank you Rian Johnson for killing Captain Phasma – One of the most worthless characters ever in Star Wars history.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the critic score for Last Jedi is at a towering 93%. The disparity is so high, you have to wonder if some sort of manipulation was at play on the professional critics side. “Guys,” I tried to tell anyone who would listen, “Looper is the most narratively unfocused sci-fi movie of the past decade.” The reason that matters is because a good Star Wars movie requires lazer-sharp focus.