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Consolidating your student loans begins with contacting a private lender.

Banks and private lending institutions that offer student loan packages often also offer loan consolidation programs.

Federal student loans also provide certain benefits that may be unavailable with private student loans.

Again, before signing any loan agreement, be certain that you understand all of your responsibilities as a borrower.

Students applying for a consolidation loan will find that banks and other private lending institutions have made the process relatively easy.

Before applying for a consolidated loan, students should gather all pertinent information regarding their outstanding loans and current financial status, including account numbers, monthly income, monthly payment schedules, remaining loan balances, and the names or their primary lenders.

The approval period varies according to lending institution, and may take up to two months.

It is nearly impossible to complete a college education without creating some level of student debt.

Loans, both Federal and private, make it possible for thousands of students every year to achieve their college goals.

If you are struggling with student debt or just want to make it more manageable, refinancing or consolidating your student loans can help your financial situation.

You may be able to refinance your student loan debt and reduce your monthly payment or lower your interest rate to make your loans more affordable.

The new loan will combine the loan values of all of your existing loans, plus any attendant fees.

This new loan will be associated with new interest rates and new terms and conditions.

You will also want to consider the life of the loan and all repayment terms before signing any agreement.