Blood type dating asia

Females should marry cultivated and chivalrous men with stable personality.They will become understanding wives and loving mothers after marriage.They indulge themselves in love fantasies and ignore true feelings frequently. Instead, they make eyes at people they have feelings for. Love: Male Rabbit people in blood type O are suggested to get married with gentle, refined and beautiful girls.

Instead, they make progress steadily until achieving success. They can sacrifice everything for their lovers even though they are fooled or hurt badly.They seldom have financial crises because they are experts in making money. Weak Points: They dislike complicated interpersonal relations so they always keep a distance from others. They are withdrawn and dejected so that others fear to approach them.Sometimes, they may feel stressed; it is better to find a way to release the bad emotion but not complain about everything around.Strong Points: Thanks to their personal charisma, refined temperament and elegant manners, they have many followers and admirers.Otherwise, they can hardly get happy marriage life. When they are in face of provocations, they are inclined to resolve the conflicts peacefully.

Strong Points: With blood type AB, people born in the Year of the Rabbit have an extraordinary understanding of arts. Because of the stable and calm personalities, they seldom experience ups and downs in life.Because they are earnest, they may accumulate their wealth during their youth and middle age.They should train themselves to increase the endurance so that they can overcome all difficulties in life.They hardly receive attention from their leaders, which makes them feel marginalized in work. Because they do things with religious care, they may let many opportunities slip away.Love: Although they long for love, they find it hard to develop a relationship because they lack a sense of inherent safety and always have doubts about their lovers.In work circle, try to engage in more social activities, which may do great help to the career.