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much a lot (of), lots (of), plenty (of), a good deal (of), a great deal (of).

Thanks to such colour treatment there is an atmosphere of rest.

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55 This is a reproduction of a picture by the well-known French impressionist painter Van Gogh. There is no carpet on the floor and there are no curtains on the window.

To the left of the window there is a square mirror. There is a chair between the table and the bed and another chair near the door.

The little that remains will be unloaded tomorrow morning.

dessert that she is in bed today with a stomachache.

hope of getting financial support for the research project.

letters that he's never going to write a letter again.

Tom Canty was the son of poor parents and had very ...

The children returned from the wood very sad because they had found very ...

He can’t spend his holidays in Switzerland any more and stay at luxury hotels.

Dinner was not ready yet, so she gave the children …

and I can help you with the translation of this text.