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Quite some cinnamon from the wood, a little ginger… Like apparent innocents abroad they stepped into the army of hustling touts that filled the platform and disappeared into the night.

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The finish is rather long, not too drying, curiously, with some notes of peach skin. Nose: funnily very similar aromatically at first nosing, but soon to become very ‘exotic’ and fragrant, with some dried longans, rambutans, arak again, overripe strawberries, fruits au gratin, Something quite hot, like the foreshots of a fruit eau de vie, or a basket of rotting fruits. Quite some mint again but far less than in its older brother.

An old malt that has sort of lost its ‘whiskiness’ but that’s very interesting to try. Lots of dried tropical fruits (pineapples, coconuts), bergamot (earl grey), hints of rum, clove and pepper…

(okay, and ending with an E.) Great notes of passion fruits, mangos, going on with banana flambéed, and getting then very waxy (like these old Northern Highlanders starting with… Then it’s an herbal maelstrom, (tons of parsley) finishing with some bold notes of soy sauce and balsamic vinegar.

Far, very far in style from the usual Connoisseur’s Choice Speysiders, that’s for sure... Mouth: very nice attack, on some very bold and unusual notes of spearmint and lemongrass.

) an unlikely looking character to wield an almost messianic influence over his audience.

And most of them seem as devoted as Joseph and Michael. They’re all a bit more drunk than I anticipated, and the group in front of us are largeing on the exotic hand rolled smokes, but it’s all very friendly. So I knew I didn’t need to bother with the set list.I wasn’t sure how many nights they were doing in London, and I’d guess they’d be going to Dublin too. ” So we got the New York story (which involved them staying at the Chelsea Hotel), learned that they had only just arrived but were staying at London’s Fashion Rock and Roll Hotel (“is it good - you must have stayed there yourselves?Joseph returned from the bar, where he’d been proselytizing – “those kids wanted to know what it would be like – it’s their first time. ”), and got good tips on how to get various electrical devices into the Bobster’s concerts – “in my boots” said Joseph.Not excessively, that is, let’s say it’s just at the limits. And quite some smoke again (fireplace, not bonfire). Lots of nougat and orgeat syrup but also lots of tannins, vanilla…Lavender crème, violet candies, mastic Turkish delights… Cocoa powder and cinnamon, white pepper, sugared strong tea…Mouth: sure, it couldn’t really have gone on like that. Crisp, playful, with some bold notes of cider and boxed pineapple juice, getting then nicely sour (very light apple vinegar). Lots of various herbal teas, citrus candies, lemon marmalade. Granted, it isn’t a monster in any way, and maybe it lacks a little extra-boldness, but I must say I like it – also for the humility of its packaging. “Look”, I nudged The Photographer as we trained towards Brixton, “It’s Father Ted and the auld fella”.