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We raised our three daughters to believe nakedness is completely natural.Being naked is just extremely comfortable and I love the feel of a breeze against my body and the sun on my skin.He is a highly experienced web professional who joined the lifestyle with his wife 18 months ago and is now an enthusiastic cuckold. Whatever 'style' of cuckolding you favour we hope you enjoy our site and wish you every happiness pursuing it. Monday My youngest daughter Sue is visiting for the holiday weekend.

Of course, though we believe overt sexual activity and social nudity should be kept separate that doesn't mean we don't appreciate the sight of an attractive man or woman.I really enjoy meeting an attractive man and being able to see all of him and have him see all of me, it just feels very open and honest.Saturday 24 February 2018 I can only apologise for my intermittent blogging over the last couple of years but I hope I can compensate this year.Many people have enquired whether I will be continuing my blog, so I have been motivated to do better.Now she has asked if she can move back in with us so she can rent out her house for some much needed cash.

Much as I would like to have her back with us it will mean some turmoil in our, up to now, well-ordered life.Often referred to as nudism but we prefer the term naturism.For anyone wondering, this is not something to do with sex and sexual displays are frowned upon at traditional naturist clubs.In those days a man's wife was considered his chattel or possession and the reasoning went this way: if he couldn't control his own property he couldn't very well be trusted with anything important.These days it seems we are stuck with this outdated term to describe what is really a very much needed rethinking of what a marriage should really be about, finding a reliable partner who can provide stability and security rather than about sex.My husband found the situation difficult at first but I firmly believe in not over-thinking these things and in fact it is working out quite well.