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At times I've seen the tide so low people were walking around the cliff base with the white building, then walking towards the camera until out of sight. What a great view, some good 'photos' in this sites library.

( none mine YET ) __ Thank You to our host, Vista Las Olas Surf Resort, for sponsoring this 'live cam's impressive view.

When we arrived we made friends with the only other gringos at the airport — two Midwest girls who were volunteering for the Peace Corps.

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There are a handul of local surfers who are aggressive and try to dominate the peak and a few aggro spongers, but compared to So Cal it’s more like a ghost town.

After a solid morning session we would paddle out (wind normally isn’t a factor) to have the point to ourselves.

Surfers are constantly in search of new adventure, uncharted coastline, warm waters, consistent swells, and uncrowded line-ups.

El Salvador offersall of these things, but anyone who travels to this tiny, Central American country will soon realize that the waves are uncrowded for a reason.

When considering El Salvador as a surf trip destination one must consider the pros and cons: Pros: Surf, Cost Cons: Safety, Food, Nightlife Pros: SURF — El Salvador may be the smallest country in Central America (about the size of Connecticut) but has miles of south-facing coastline that seems designed for surf.

Numerous world-class point breaks dot the coast but most surfers congregate to those closest t o the capital city San Salvador.

While they are nice, affable kids, they become annoying surprisingly fast.

I recommend taking a panga (from the beach at Los Flores) to Punta Mango, which is a 20 minute boat ride to the North.

We surfed there 3 days in a row and on the most crowded day, there were 7 of us out there. We scored perfect wave after perfect wave, uncontested, unmolested and the water was 85 degrees. Lastly we voted to go check out La Libertad (The famous point that was filmed in Big Wednesday) and stay there for the last 5 days of our trip.

The drive from Las Flores to Libertad is about 3 1/2 hours and well worth the haul.

The most striking part of the breaks was not the shape or consistency (both great) but the lack of crowds.