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Anytime Kanye West has a personal or professional misstep, his legion of fans (myself included) are quick to blame Kim Kardashian for her role in whatever it is.Regardless of who's involved it's a somewhat silly premise.

Still, Khloe would re-file for divorce following Odom's recovery, and despite bouncing back from a serious overdose and drug addiction, the basketball player has never really recovered his NBA career.Apparently, it was Rick Fox who was Khloe's rebound after the Lamar Odom situation.His relationship with Kim however, lasted only season.Their romance began in October 2010, around the same time that the NBA season began, and lasted until Kim filed for divorce the following October, as the 2011 season was getting underway. Tristan and Khloe seem to be going strong, with a fairly public relationship-- Instagram posts about their forever-love for each other and all the sauce.It is in much in the same way that we should view these athletes.

That said, because NBA players are public figures themselves, fans are always looking for reasons for why their guys aren't playing up to par, even when the answer is that they just aren't good enough.

The following is a list of those former and current NBA athletes that have been linked to the Kardashians/Jenner family.

With the exception of two big names, this list isn't exactly stacked with All-Stars, but still, the sheer number of players is impressive.

Blaming the Kardashian "Curse" removes all personal responsibility of failure.

To put it differently, if Khloe or Kim had a history of dating accountants, nobody would be concerned about the possibility of the guy messing up a routine audit.

After four days of close medical attention, Lamar eventually awoke from his coma, although he suffered several strokes and kidney failure due to the overdose.