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"This might stretch my credibility to the point of knicker-elastic twanging, but I really was. Richard Coles is not like other vicars (presumably).

There were moments of profound intimacy with people who were dying to be intimate. Aside from being the inspiration for Rev, the BBC sitcom, sex is everywhere in his new, deliciously scandalous, quite devastating memoir, Fathomless Riches.

Compare No Guy Wants to Be Chased, Best Her to Bed Her, Defiled Forever, Madonna Whore Complex, Nature Adores a Virgin, Slut-Shaming.Contrast The Unfair Sex, My Girl Is a Slut, Good Bad Girl, Free-Love Future. Anyone knocking the chastity of the hero's girl is even more likely to get punched out than anyone calling the hero a virgin.It could sometimes look like The Hero can womanize happily to his heart's (or other organs') content, but his best girl will still wait for him. This is Older Than Feudalism, due to the historical sexual Double Standard.Before birth control became readily available, this Double Standard probably had something to do with how a man can have hundreds of partners without any discernible consequence (barring STDs), whereas a woman in the same position would most likely be irreversibly changed into a mother forever.

This means that the leading lady will be in a monogamous "meaningful relationship", usually with the leading man, while the leading man will have a varied and adventurous sex life.One hopes they would at least admire the restraint deployed in resisting the temptation to call it How's Your Father?Or indeed use "From Dogging to Dog Collar" as a tagline."We've all parked in lay-bys, Patrick," he says, with a sigh that sounds as if he's blowing on wet nail varnish.One's life expectancy was supposed to be shorter if one was in the latter category, in part because medical science speculated that male ejaculation entailed transferring some of one's finite store of (male) life force to the receiver (which is why male masturbation was avoided by anyone with good sense), but largely because of all the jealous lovers and husbands, not to mention STIs.while a sexually active woman is more likely to be seen as being a trashy whore.Yesterday’s statement said: ‘The House has confirmed that clergy in civil partnerships, and living in accordance with the teaching of the Church on human sexuality, can be considered as candidates for the episcopate.