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But she was able to glide down the aisle with her head held high — all thanks to a groundbreaking new harness which attached her to her father, Gary, allowing Bella to take her first steps alongside her dad.The moment was particularly precious for Gary, 29, who admits to battling with his emotions: ‘I didn’t want to cry in front of the photographers,’ he laughs.Some showed short-term declines in cognitive functioning comparable to dementia, raising serious questions about the ability of police suspects to understand their rights at the point of arrest.MORE INFO / LINKS TO OTHER SITES Autistic hoya’s Page about Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Mass – (NOTE: Occupy is no longer active but you can still view it by clicking this link ) Facebook page for Occupy JRC; https:// JRC Items which I wrote on this page are only my opinions.More than 100 people came out to demand that the center stop the practice.

03/09/18 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – ACTION HAPPENING NOW For More Information: Mike Oxford: (785) 224-3865 Cal Montgomery: (312) 813-6816 (text only) Priya Penner: (585) 944-3086 Marilee Adamski-Smith: (715) 204-4152 WHO: National ADAPT WHAT: ADAPT Demands the FDA to Stop Shocking Disabled People into Submission WHERE: In front of FDA Director Scott Gottlieb’s house, Pennsylvania Ave NW & L St NW, Washington DC 20037 WHEN: Friday, March 9, 2018, happening now DISABILITY RIGHTS GROUP DEMANDS THE FDA ISSUE LONG-DELAYED REGULATIONS 03/09/2018 – Washington, D. In a randomized control trial, volunteer participants were subjected to Taser shocks and tested for cognitive impairment.

It’s my opinion that Judge Rotenberg Center is Torturing People with Electric Shocks.

Bella Luckett has cerebral palsy and cannot stand unaided, let alone walk.

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Information about summer camps that focus on therapy for kids with special needs and/or respite for the kids and their families.

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