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Anything gaming related is just fine including, but not limited to, game cheats and walkthroughs.

Head up the path to the west and follow it all the way up.Pick up the Ultra Ball behind the two palms at the end of the road. Assign your favorite Pokemon to the first slot if they aren’t already there.After his release, Kiryu returns to the island only to find that Haruka has left the orphanage.To begin his search, he returns to Kamurucho where he discovers that she was a victim of a hit-and-run incident that rendered her comatose, leaving her baby named Haruto behind.Fix your real-life date in a couple of hours after your first line in a chatroom, or flirt with a person for some time beforehand, so you know that he or she is the right type for you.

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That's because those who grew up playing arcades and the older console systems, continue to play today. Please register a username below or log in as a guest.

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Kiryu takes temporary custody of the baby and travels to the last known location of Haruka during her absence - the seaside town of Onomichi in Hiroshima, in search for answers and unravel the mystery of Haruka's whereabouts up until her accident.