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A number of organizations, including WWF-World Wide Fund For Nature, have become concerned.

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The trees preferred by these carvers are rapidly disappearing because of their immediate commercial value.Meanwhile, given the level of resources available for protection of national parks and forest reserves, effective control is very difficult to achieve.On some days, up to 1,200 can be found working there.Kenya's wood-carving business is obviously substantial, but until recently no one quite realized how considerable this was.Kandi [Burruss] did it while she wasn’t filming, and I figured this is the best way for me to do it.” Obviously, Kenya wants to keep the process a little secretive.

While she didn’t reveal if her new boyfriend, Matt Jordan, will be the father of her possible child, the star was glowing while talking about her man.“It’s going well,” she gushes. And I’m just tired of it, and I just felt like, I’m taking my life back.”“It is going down in Jamaica,” Kenya teases.

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