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We are now waiting for our first child together since we met through Blinddate Hour a year ago.

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Dating homepage when it launched earlier in February.

The smiling couple, wearing “Make America Great Again” baseball caps, have since been replaced.

The married couple are conservative activists involved in a Tea Party-inspired political action committee.

Their exact role with the dating site catering to supporters of President Donald Trump is unclear.

It previously allowed new users to identify themselves as either “happily married” or “unhappily married” when establishing a new profile.

Users are only given two options when identifying themselves: “straight man” or “straight woman.” In a text message to WRAL reporters this weekend, Barrett Riddleberger said the marital status language was a “mistake” and was being corrected “by a programmer.”’s founder, Sean Mc Grossier, who was only identified in a press release published by The Daily Caller on February 5, has not addressed the controversy, and efforts to track him down were unsuccessful. Moore has been accused of sexual predation by at least nine women, the youngest of whom was 14 when she claims Moore initiated sexual contact with her. On Monday, the Providence Journal reported that Rhode Island state Sen.

Now, love will truly be blind since all the pictures will be blurry within that hour, and first when the hour has passed, will you be able to see who you’ve been chatting with.

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Trump himself has been accused of several instances of marital infidelity and sexual predation by multiple women, all charges which he has denied.

The Blinddate Hour let you chat anonymously at 9 PM EST, everyday.

It is unclear what, if any role, he and his wife have with the website, or how their picture came to be used.