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Children may become more upset when their fathers date than when their mothers date.

Ahrons says this may be because they already see their fathers less, leading them to feel more threatened by new relationships.

Children tend to know their mothers’ new husbands very well before remarriage.

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Cohabitation and marriage A parent’s cohabitating with or marrying a new partner is a major adjustment for children of divorce.

The child’s opinion of the new relationship depends largely on the opinion of the other parent.

Young children do not notice a difference between cohabitating and marriage.

Instead, they are concerned about the new partner’s reliability and stability.

For example, one child in the study said he thought his mother was “behaving like a teenager.” Older children who have witnessed their parents’ bad marriages are more receptive to their parents’ new relationships.

Still, few teens accept a new partner as a parent figure.One-third said one of their parents had already formed a new relationship before the divorce.Ahrons found that most of the children she studied consider their parents’ dating lives strange.A father’s attention to another woman is often seen as an insult to the children, especially when that woman is believed to have caused the divorce.Ahrons found that most children prefer not to be involved in their fathers’ dating lives.Just when you thought you'd never date again, you feel that magical spark. Here's what parents who date during a divorce need to know.