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In fact, I think the most effective mothers are wives who are being continually, biblically romanced by their husbands. 30:]The book is helped by several personal stories that Mahaney shares.The following story was a challenge and encouragement for me to remember that I am to love and serve my wife and family as Christ serves and loves the Church.

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When our first two children were still quite young, I realized that my commute home in the evening was functioning as little more than a review of my day.

As far as I was concerned, by the time I got in that car, my responsibilities were pretty much over until the next morning.

I saw that my commute could be best utilized as a time of transition, so that I might be prepared to finish the day by loving and serving my family well.

So I made a practice of pulling the car over a few blocks from my home so I could take a couple of minutes to make an effective transition in my soul.

I wasmotivated to love my wife more and broadened in my understanding ofhow loving my wife brings glory"Scripture illuminates the path of marital intimacy.

The Song of Solomon shines brightly, showing us the way to the best sex we canpossibly experience.""As practical as it is profound, Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God may well be the best book on marriage I've ever read. this book is truly atreasure."Gary Thomas, author of "Men, if you are looking for a book that will give you a feweasy tips for spicing up your sex life, look somewhere else.

Let me quote Mahaney at this point, since his words are much more adequate than mine: marriage…....there is a purpose in marriage that goes beyond personal fulfillment.

Something of the selfless love, care, and sacrifice that Jesus shows toward the Church is supposed to be evident in you as you relate to your wife.

In this way I learned to see my home as the context where I have my greatest privilege and opportunity to serve…. 50-51:]I found Mahaney’s chapter on “The Language of Romance” to be very interesting.

I was challenged to be more intentional in how I communicate with my wife, and to stop neglecting poetry as a means of arousing her love.

It’s purpose is to arouse romantic passion—to inflame slowly and intentionally, all the while honoring and delighting one’s spouse….